About Us

 Welcome to the 2nd Military District, Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR).


The States of New York, Pennsylvania, Marayland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia make up the SVR's 2nd Military District.  The District welcomes individuals to join established SVR units and for groups of six or more men to form new SVR units.  We encourage all who share our passion for promoting and honoring the memory of the Boy's in Blue 1861-1865 who fought to preserve the Union to join.  


Today, the 2nd Military District is comprised of:

  • 2nd Military District Headquarters Company
  • Co. A James River Rifles
  • Co. A West Virginia Home Guard
  • 16th NY independent Battery
  • Co. A 110th PA Volunteer Infantry
  • 11th PA Volunteer Infantry
  • Weber Guard
  • Co. I 83rd NY Volunteer Infantry
  • Co. B 26th PA Volunteer Infantry
  • Co. A Potomac Guard
  • Gettysburg Blues
  • Co. A 7th NJ Volunteer Infantry
  • Co. E 148th NY Volunteer Infantry
  • 1st mounted Rifles 7th NY Cav
  • 355th Northcoast Volunteers
  • Co. C 28th PA Volunteer Infantry
  • Delaney- Delacy Guard
  • Chesapeake Guard