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Sickles At Gettysburg By James A .Hessler
If you are looking for a book on Dan Sickles at Gettysburg with an indepth review of his motives for advancing his Corp so far ahead of the main Union Line,  why he considered it so important , and how he helped shape and make Gettysburg a National Park.
Stop I have your book . One of the best or if not the best in years about the Life and War times of Dan Sickles.
This book will bring you face to face with the man that killed Francis Scott Keys son for having an affiar with his wife.His wife whom he married at the tender age of 16 and he in his 30s.
Pick this book up read it I promise you will not be disappointed.
2 Thumbs up to James A .Hessler great read.
JPortanova PCC
Capt Oliver Tilden Camp 26
City of New York
Adjutant CO I 83RD New York Volunteer Infantry (9NYSM)


Brothers and Friends,
Just wanted to let you know there is a great Civil War book on young boys that served in the Union Army by Dennis M.Keese the Title is "Too Young To Die Boy Soldiers in the Civil War 1861-1865." and was published by Acorn Press in 2001.
I was sent an autographed copy by a good friend from my acting days and i recommend it for any one with sons or for camps with Junior members.  It has  a wealth of information and is a great read with  plenty of photos.
Here are two more good books that I suggest
1.  The Island at the Center of the World by Russell Shorto
A great read on New Amsterdam from early 1600 s to the time England takes it from the Dutch.
But we learn alot in this book small things and tidbits we never knew about Manhattan.
For those who like New York history will like this book.
2.  The that made America the French Indian War by Fred Anderson.
agian New York was host to this war also alot of cool facts etc.
Please pass this along to
other camps and friends.
Thank You
JPortanova PCC
Capt Oliver Tilden Camp 26